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My name is Esraa Hassan, one of WHE summer interns, and I will be sharing with you here all the updates about my internship throughout the whole summer 2021.

I am doing this work in partnership with University of Rwanda, and two Rwandan Non-Governmental Organizations: Living with Happiness-Icyemezo (LWHI), and Rwandan Mothers-TEAM (RMT), with the former two founded and run by Western PhD student, Aimee Utuza and her sister, Clarisse Cechetto Mukashumbusho

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Starting something that no one has done before

It may sound very exciting to work on developing a food product that no one has ever worked on before or tried to add probiotics to it. However, the process is very stressful and it requires so many trial and error rounds. Specifically speaking, the probiotics bacteria has to be put in an enriching medium…

Welcome back! Winter–2022

It has been SO LONG since I last wrote here! As promised, I will continue working on my project after summer. The plan was to work on it full term (Sep-April), but due to lab availability issues, I am was only able to work on it during the winter term. I am currently conducing bacterial…


Every story has to come to an end. And even though my story in summer has officially come to an end; I am happy to share that I extended my internship to the fall-winter session 2021-2022!! So I will get to spend eight more months of developing my newly-developed Probiotic-based Igikoma that I was working…

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